TME Comic Review: The Art of The Mass Effect Universe

Review By Sean McQuillan

Mass Effect, like all BioWare games, is an ocean of rich character designs, immersive and interconnected storylines, and beautiful set pieces.  An ocean of such depth you could easily get lost in it.  The Mass Effect series followed Shepard as he, or she, saved the universe.  It not only gave you a world to explore, and loads of interesting races and subcultures to investigate, it acted as a tour of the imaginations of the BioWare team.  You get exposition through gameplay, but there is a huge amount of extra material if you have the interest to pour through it. The Art of The Mass Effect Universe is, as the name implies, a look into the artwork behind one of the most immersive RPGs released.  What makes it truly amazing it now just the stunning final art of the characters and locales, but the insight into their design process.  You see tons of early designs and notes from the creators explaining their approach and how they refined it into the final designs.  We see the races, characters, and worlds spanning both Mass Effect titles. Coming in at almost 200 pages, with a price tag of $39.99, this beautiful hardbound book is well worth it to anyone who loves the series, and would make an excellent window into the BioWare universe for anyone curious about the series.

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