WWE 2012 review

What ya gonna do when WWE 2012 runs wild on your gaming consoles ? Honestly, the answer to that question is about the same as last year. Not saying that this years rendition isn’t without it’s merits with the few new additions and “new” control scheme they’ve put in. The same old goodness is still good enough to cut it.

My gripes with the newest edition in the series formerly known as Smackdown Vs Raw are few but pretty big to me. First is the so called “new” control scheme. The use of a face button for grapples isn’t new at all. In fact that’s the way it was handled before the switch to analog stick grappling so they just went back to the old way. The four different directions give access to four different grapple sets which has been done before. Another of my issues is the way you aren’t given an option in the way you kick out of pin attempts. They’ve forced everyone to use the hold and release method as opposed to the mash buttons frantically method of kicking out. Mashing buttons was mine and my friends preferred method of avoiding defeat. The holding way also is flawed for online matches lag factor which messes with the timing needed for success. Sadly, we’ve been denied that option this year. I also wish they would add the ability to create titles that you an your friends offline can wrestle for as being the San Diego Ass Whoopin’ Champion was a source of extreme pride back in the N64 days.

Now that I’m done complaining, let me tell you what there is to love about this years game. Now people who aren’t extremely up on the current product of WWE will not know a majority of the grapplers thrown in to this game. I believe that WWE may have felt that would pose an issue and graciously added numerous bonus unlockable wrestlers from the past. Kevin Nash, Booker T, Brock Lesnar, Vader, and a few others that bring a nostalgia factor to the proceedings. Not saying that the roster set out isn’t great already with CM Punk, Zack Ryder, and Dolph Ziggler to name a few already providing plenty of greatness to use. The addition of the Create an Arena mode helps to liven up some of the older modes of the franchise. Sharing creations across the world is also a welcome return as it keeps the game fresher longer and that’s a good thing. Online is about the same so that’s still a strong point for this game save the d-bags that exist all throughout the online community but,that’s in all online gaming communities.

Overall, this games minuses are outweighed by the many pluses. The kick out system is a major annoyance but all the content allows for you to look pass what you think is missing. WWE 2012 helps the franchise and THQ maintain its championship reign (as if there’s any competition) as top wrestling title with everything it has to offer and wrestles away a 3.5 out of 5 from this reviewer.

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