What I want for Christmas

By David Burrola

I remember a time when I asked for a lot of things for Christmas. Toys, games, nunchucks, a firemans pole from my room to the kitchen, the Batmobile; but as i’ve gotten older I ask for less, or just to see people I haven’t been able to keep in touch with for a while.


But in recent years, i’ve come up on some harder choices that every adult takes. Do I get food right now or Assassin’s Creed? A replica of Dante’s Ebony and Ivory pistols in airsoft form or gas? Things any normal(see nerd) adult thinks about. And with that are what i’d like for Christmas this year, since i’m poor and you always help the poor during this season!



I know everybody’s been playing Batman Arkham City since it came out, but i’ve either been pre-occupied with The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, or too poor(because of Skyrim). So i’d like to get this and dive right in and feed that desire to be Batman that everyone has deep down inside. Those who say they don’t are lying. This is a fundamental. We know this.


I’ve neglected this one since its kind of a money sink in that it does what other big titles do nowadays and offer all sorts of DLC that you should have either not told us about until later, or hinted at so obviously you had signs for it that we have to buy later. Sure most of its not more than $10 but its the principle of kind of not having a full game that we’re still paying full price for. Thats mostly because of Catwoman not being able to be played unless you have that online pass code and what not, but this is still something for another day to discuss.


What Rocksteady has done, is given you a game that really makes you feel like Batman, and in a setting that really works for both comic book geeks, as well as general gamers or people who haven’t much gotten into games. Hell, you can just watch someone play it and it’ll be just as cool, but I want the experience of doing it myself. After all, I beat the last game on all difficulty’s and investigated everything there was to it.


While I really do have lots of fun in Skyrim and with other fighting game titles, I just want me some time as the Dark Knight. Also because I want some other way to quench my thirst for The Dark Knight Rises, staving off my rabid need to see that.

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