Modern Warfare 3 does it again breaking global sales record in 5 days

By David Amesse

Today Activision announced that modern Warfare 3 5 day sales record has made $775 Million globally and broken all sales records of all time in 5 days.   Surpassing last year’s call of Duty: Black Ops with $650 million record2 and exceeding its previous years Modern Warfare 2 with $550 million3.  After playing the game I can see why, it’s an amazing game play and action with a massive multiplayer experience.   This is a perfect follow up to Modern Warefare 2 with a continued story mode.  The multiplayer aspect of the game is refreshed with bigger maps and additional game types that pump new blood into this franchise and give gamers added game play.  The variety of guns and sound design gives this game a top notch compared to its predecessors.   I have no doubt this game will go onto break additional records and it’s off to a excellent start.

See Press Release 

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