Corpse Granny Now Available on iOS

San Francisco, CA, and Paris, France – Video games developer FreshGem, in partnership with the award-winning publisher BulkyPix, are happy to announce that Corpse Granny is now available for download from the App Store. Corpse Granny is a fantastic puzzle game with intuitive and addictive gameplay, along with tons of challenging puzzles, enhanced and supported by great graphics and killer animations.

Granny’s home
In Corpse Granny, the player will have to use various weapons and tools to eradicate the terrible threat of the zombie granny and her innumerable minions. Take control of your arsenal: fireballs (red, blue, green and purple, each one with different powers), explosive boxes, bombs, giant rocks, cannonballs and more to destroy the onslaught of the undead. Use your fingertip to unleash the fireballs, press the cannon and platforms to unleash their own unique brand of devastating powers, or tilt the device to control the movement and speed of your attacks.

Travel through three different worlds to eliminate the zombie menace. Collect all the gems and achieve high scores. Use your fingers to cut the ropes and break the chains. Create passages by destroying obstacles and turn up the heat with the help of exploding boxes and by shooting cannons. Watch as your actions set the scene in motion.

But wait there’s more

For the creative do-it-yourselfers, a level editor is available to create your own levels and share your creations with other players, unleashing yet more zombies and Corpse Grannies loose upon the world. Create a background, place some zombies, stairs, ropes, fireballs, and dozens of other objects to build your own levels and then take your gaming to another level.

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3 different worlds to conquer: Stonehenge, a Police Station, and a Pirate Ship.
45 beautiful and challenging levels to solve.
More than 100 zombies to kill.
3 strong and clever bosses to defeat.
Lots of weapons to use: colored fireballs, bombs, exploding boxes and more.
Lots of tricky devices to use: levers, springs, and platforms, just to name a few.
Beautiful graphics.
Atmospheric music to help set the mood.
Funny and lovable heroes.
Arcade elements.
Easy-to-use level editor to create your own levels

Corpse Granny is now available for download for iPhone $0.99 and iPad for $1.99
iPhone link :
iPad link:

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