Open Emotion Announces I Kill Zombies for PSP Mini

Video Game Developer Open Emotion Studios (, today announced a new title it is developing for the PSP Mini,  I KILL ZOMBIES, which is due to launch just in time for Halloween this year. The new title is a top down action hack and slasher from Open Emotion Studios. Inside one of the USA’s top prisons, a game show takes place weekly which pits prisoners against traps, beasts and hordes upon hordes of the undead. Playing as one of three characters (And one unlockable dude) it’s the player’s goal to make it through all twenty Arenas, clocking up megabuxx to be the first contestant to ever survive on the sensational show that is “I KILL ZOMBIES”.

 I KILL ZOMBIES will offer 20 levels, 3 characters, Time Attacks, Score Attacks, Leaderboards, Awards and More. 

 “I KILL ZOMBIES is a frantic, gory and frankly inappropriate game that any zombie lover shouldn’t miss this Halloween,” said Paddy Murphy, CEO of Open Emotion Studios.

 Stay tuned for more information on the game as the launch gets closer and visit the official Website at

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