Speedo Dives in with Michael Phelps and 505 Games to Push The Limit

505 Games and Speedo today announce the inclusion of one of Michael Phelps’ international sponsors in the forthcoming Push the Limit game.  Launching in October 2011, Michael Phelps: Push the Limit is a fun game for all ages that will get players off the couch, competing and having fun against each other and one of the world’s greatest athletes.

The Speedo brand will appear on all swimwear and caps in-game as well as touch pads within all of the pool environments.  In Michael Phelps: Push the Limit, players strive to compete in the Annual Games which are held in the Speedo Stadium, a specially built in game environment fully branded by Speedo.

“Speedo is synonymous with swimming and the inclusion of the Speedo brand in-game brings further realism to the game.   As one of Michael Phelps’ long standing partners, we are delighted to have them as part of this,”  commented Ian Howe, President, 505 Games, North America.

“Michael Phelps: Push The Limit takes the thrill of competitive swimming from the pool into the living room, giving even those who don’t swim regularly the chance to get involved and engage with the sport. I’m sure that individuals, friends and families worldwide will enjoy the challenge of taking on Michael Phelps, and we hope it may even inspire those who play the game to take to the pool for real!” said Sean Hastings, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Speedo International.

Michael Phelps: Push The Limit is exclusive to Kinect for Xbox 360 and uses its unique motion sensor technology to allow players to use their movements to participate in game. Players can work their way through a career mode where they race Michael or have fun racing family or friends head to head.

Visitors and media at the 14th FINA World Championships in Shanghai (July 16th – 31st) will get the chance to preview the game at a special Speedo branded area at Shanghai’s Oriental Sports Center during the Championships ahead of its worldwide release.

Michael Phelps: Push the Limit is being developed by Blitz Games and published by 505 Games for release in October 2011.

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