Keeping It Cool – Xbox 360 Slim Gets a Turbo Powered Fan Stand

( conquers Xbox system overheating with their new Turbo Cooling Fan Console Stand and USB Hub for the Xbox 360 Slim. The stylish base holds the Xbox vertically so two fans can quietly pull air through the console for a significant improvement in cooling.

Long hours of play are known to cause intense heat gain that endangers Xbox Slim performance and degrades system life, requiring extended game stopping cool-down breaks. This stand places dual high-volume fans directly under the console, forming a vertical ‘wind tunnel’ to cool system components while keeping fan noise to a minimum. Air is then channeled out through two rear facing side exhaust vents.

Two fan speed settings are available for best performance depending on the gaming environment and level of use. In addition, a thermostat makes sure the fans only run when needed.

Following CTA’s tradition of providing extra benefits, a three port USB 2.0 hub has been bundled onto the bottom front edge of the base. Front port placement allows for easy system expansions with chargers and peripherals, without having to access the back of the console. Front-side cord clutter is kept to a minimum by placing plugs as low as possible.

Fans and ports are both powered by a short USB cable in back that uses a console USB port so no additional power is required. An AC adapter is included with the base, however, in case gamers want to plug devices into the front ports that require additional power support.

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