Dirt 3

By Daniel Elson
Developer: Codemasters Southam
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Distributor: THQ
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Release date: May 24, 2011
Genre: Racing
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

 Rating 7/10 Racing with a learning curve!

Hey guys! This time around we are taking a look at Dirt3. This is the latest game in the Dirt (Colin Mcrae) off-road racing series. The first thing you will notice is the menu; it is clear and concise which leads you to the gameplay you are looking for quickly. Unlike GT5 where the menu is confusing and takes a little bit of time to learn to navigate. You can start off with Dirt Tour right out of the gate or jump into the Multi or Single player modes. Once you have selected a game type, you will then be taken into that class type garage. You are able to select the cars that are available for that race. Unlike other games, you do not purchase these cars; they are gifted to you by Race teams and Sponsors. Who doesn’t like a free car, right! Well there is a bad side to this; the newest car in the garage will net you the most points for the race.  So if you have a favorite car to use, you will not level up as fast as using the newest ride in the garage. In the race, the first thing you are going to notice are the graphics. The track scenery is beautiful and detailed; from fans running across the track to fireworks exploding in the night sky. Weather effects such as rain and snow blur your view behind the wheel. Codemasters did a beautiful job! The sounds of the cars blasting off the starting line and around the track are absolutely amazing. There are new features such as launching off the rev limiter major crashes and YouTube uploads!! The YouTube uploads are a max of 30 seconds at the longest but you can edit and choose from a perfect trick to a crazy crash. Once you are in the Dirt Tour there are loads of races; from Rally Races through woods/forests dirt and snow and rain. Gymkhana trials a freestyle race against the clock where you do donuts, jumps and drifts and combo those together for some serious points.  Land Rush using a buggy and or race a truck in a trophy truck style race. From classic rally cars, new rally cars, buggies and stadium style trucks Dirt has all the types of off-road vehicles you are looking for. Multiplayer has some great games types besides the normal races. Some modes like “Capture the Flag”, “Tag your it”, and what I call “smash the robot”( where you get points for smashing robot cutouts but lose points for hitting buildings and obstacles that you shouldn’t be hitting). Capture the flag is my favorite after Gymkhana.

 Let’s get into the difficulty settings;

  • Casual is great well for a child. My 6 year was getting a 1st place in his races. In other words it’s too easy! In this setting the game controls almost everything, the throttle, gear changes and braking are controlled by the game basically you only control the steering of the car. If you play a lot racing games this is not the setting for you.
  • Intermediate let’s just say buckle your seat belts because you are definitely in for a ride.  This car is all over the place; very tail happy. Now you can help this out by adjusting the cars settings like ride height, suspension stiffness, differential and down force. I would suggest playing a lot of gymkhana so you can learn how the car handles and when to brake and accelerate.
  • Hardcore Dare if you will! You have Full and complete control of the car. I would suggest looking online for a couple different settings people have tried.

 Multiplayer will bring you to Xbox live

  • Pro tour
  • Jam session
  • Join others in session
  • Capture the flag
  • Smash robots
  • Tag


  • You can set multiple game types and adjust all the settings in the game

System link

  • Where multiple systems are connected together

My Party

  • Where you can play your friends

 All these options will keep you entertained and challenged for a long time. It is a lot of fun especially online in multiplayer mode when you are battling it out with your friends or just some random’s in the pubs. I like the game a lot; it is very pleasing graphic wise and well… a real challenge! I would recommend buying the game but prepare to set some time aside for learning how the cars react and drive. 

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