What Is the Next handheld gaming peripheral?

By Angie Quidim

Its not the 3DS from Nintendo and its not the NGP from Dony.  It’s your mobile phone, your ipad or your android tablet.  The gaming industry has realized the invaluble potential of digital distribution of their software.  With the sucess of the Apple and Android market place. many game publishers have started their push tword designing more of their games for these platforms.  Sony annouced during their press conference that they will be offering PLAYSTATION Certified Games in the future.  Mobile  gaming had barely scratched the surface and in recent years it has exploded.  It is only a matter of time till the mobile phone processing power rivals that of a netbook or laptop.  

Thought it is true that the gameplay controls are quite simplistic on most mobile games avaiable today, the demand for better quality has increased the demand for better quality hardware.  Sony has noticed the necessity for an all in one device that will allow gaming, web surfing and calls on VOIP.  Their response for such a device is the NGP(Next Generation Portable).  The new Wii-U has also noticed how tablet technology is making a huge dent in the mobile computing market and incorporated this design in the new system, which incidently is also capable of making calls over the internet.

While exploring the show I will bring up new updates of more details of how the gaming industry will be taking advatage of our mobile phones.



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