Fans of Underwater Agent JAMES POND are in for a treat with the announcement of a brand-new title, destined to be available from the app store on June 30th Published by HPN Associates under the Special Move Games label, JAMES POND IN THE DEATHLY SHALLOWS (yes, you did read that correctly) sees James attempting to traverse  a deadly underwater maze as he rids the oceans of filthy pollution, while battling deadly starfish, nasty barracuda and downright rude jellyfish!  Players will control James using an innovative control method devised specifically for iOS devices. James will also have his trusty bubble-gun available to ward off danger and earn points.

Players will also be able to learn special moves both in and out of the water!
As the first in a new series of James Pond adventures, JAMES POND IN THE DEATHLY SHALLOWS is a worthy successor to the hugely successful series, which has sold millions of units across the World.

James Pond – The History

With tongue firmly in cheek, and more than a wink aimed at a certain Ian Fleming creation, the hugely successful character James Pond first appeared in the games world in 1990 – carrying the typically quirky British humour of Bond from the Silver Screen to the 8- and 16-Bit gaming era. In all, the James Pond series of games has sold in excess of two million units worldwide.

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