Dance Batte VS

By Angie Quidim

Dance Battle VS  caught my eye on the E3 show floor as dance games are all the craze these days; especially with the use of the Kinnect and the Move.  This game is a product of Hyperkin; a manufacturer of video game peripherals.  This title will only be released for the PS3 and will be released Q1 2012 with a retail price of $49.99. The game includes 10 motion caputred dancers with a variety of dance styles; from trance to belly dancing.  This game is comprised of an original soundtrack with over 20 international stars that range from Rock to Europop.  Players put together a selection of moves and compete against other people to see who can “ignite” the dance floor.  The demo they had running looked pretty good and the game concept has plenty of room to grow. 

Offering more of an ecclectic view to the typical dancing game, DancebattleVS promises big things to come.

I mean come on.. Capoiera is one of their dance styles!!


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